Summer BBQ Chicken

Summer BBQ Chicken

Simple, yet so tasty! Add a 50/50 mix of Angus and Oink's Feather Duster and Honey Chilli seasonings to your summer chicken wings for finger-lickin' flavour. 

- 1kg wings

- 20g each Angus and Oink Feather Duster and Honey Chilli seasonings

10g baking powder

- 10g self raising flour

- 1 pint buttermilk (approx. 2 cups)

- Soak the wings overnight in the buttermilk overnight, if you can’t get buttermilk you can use 250ml milk with 1tsb of lemon juice. After marinating take them out of the milk, drain but don’t pat dry.

- Mix the baking powder, and flour together in a bowl and toss your wings. Put them on a plate and leave in the fridge to dry for 30 mins.

- Cook in a rotisserie basket or on the grill turning a few times. Cook for 40 mins.

- Remove from BBQ, and toss in your seasonings 

- Serve with a simple salad