Big Fat Greek Souvlaki and Gyro Week!

Big Fat Greek Souvlaki and Gyro Week!

Marinated Chicken Kebabs with Tzatziki and Flat Breads

This recipe features Angus and Oink's Big Fat Greek Souvlaki and Gyro Rub. Greek food is so fresh and right on the button for Spring time. Herbalicious marinated chicken cooked over charcoal for the ultimate flavour. Greek seasoning, lemon juice make the sun sing over these Souvlaki kebabs. Or for street food style Gyros just add fries and a flat bread!


- 1kg chicken thigh fillets- 30g chopped sun dried tomatoes- 1 lemon juiced- 30g Big Phat Greek seasoning


- 1 cucumber- 1 lemon juiced- Natural yogurt- Herbs lemon balm & fennel (optional)


- Flat bread- Olives- Red onion, tomato, herbs


To make the main event could not be any easier! Simply slice up the chicken thighs so they are the right size for kebab skewers. Add them to a bowl with the seasoning, a glug of olive oil, the juice of a lemon and the sun dried tomato. Do this at least an hour before cooking or overnight to absorb more flavour! Thread on the skewers and cook over hot charcoal with wisps of woods smoke until 75C internal temperature.For the cucumber tzatziki, slice the cucumber along its length and scoop out the soft centre with a spoon. Finally dice the cucumber and add to a bowl. Add yoghurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs (parsley, chives, oregano). Season with salt and pepper. A few flat breads, a pot of olives and tomato salad are all you'll need to finish this off as a fantastic meal with holiday vibes!  

BIG PHAT GREEKSalt, lemon, rosemaryand cinnamon bringsuperb Mediterraneanflavours to yoursummertime kebabs!

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