Exodust Porchetta

Exodust Porchetta

When we saw this dish show up on our socials, we knew we had to get a hold of the recipe and share it with you! Well worth the cooking effort, thanks to divine flavours of the Exodust Jerk Seasoning


- 2-3kg pork belly (de-boned)

- Olive oil & water

- Exodust Jerk Seasoning

- Salt

- White vinegar


- Place the pork belly onto tinfoil and bring up the side covering the meat leaving only the skin open.

- Cover the skin heavily in salt and leave uncovered in the fridge for at least 24hrs this allows the skin to dry out which will help with the crackling.

- After the 24hrs is up, take out the pork, wipe off all the salt from the top and with a corn on cob holder or skewer, puncture the skin all over making sure to cover the whole area in tiny holes.

- Turn over to the meat side. You can choose to butterfly the meat or leave as it is. Make a thick paste with equal parts olive oil and water and the Exodust rub and mix well. You are looking for a thick paste. Cover the whole meat side until it’s well covered.

- Now for the messy bit! Roll up the pork keeping in as much of the paste and possible and tie up numerous times with butchers twine. Make sure once tied you pat down the skin make sure any moisture is off and brush a light layer of olive oil onto the rind. 

- Too cook, use a rotisserie on the BBQ indirect otherwise the oven will work just fine. Initially cook at a temperature of 140c until the pork reaches 63c. Remove from the heat and crank up to 250c. Whilst waiting for the heat to rise, brush the rind with white vinegar, it doesn’t leave a taste but helps the crackling. When up to temp place back in the heat and take up to 71c, keep an eye on the progress sometimes the rind goes quicker than the meat and might need turning down to avoid burning.

Take off and rest uncovered then slice with a serrated knife and enjoy

- Serve with rice and peas, a mixed bean and scotch bonnet slaw and washed down with a couple of rums!