"BFC" Barbecue Fried Chicken

"BFC" Barbecue Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is such a comfort food, the crispy batter, succulent moist chicken and spicy flavours of the South. Amazingly you can create this on the BBQ!! (or in the oven we guess ;) Served up with corn, slaw and dipping gravy this recipe will deliver righteousness, crispiness & moans of pleasure to your table!

Prep Time: 24 Hours
Total Time: 25 Hours
Servings: 3 Person(s)

500ml Buttermilk
12 Pieces of bone in chicken thighs, legs or boneless thighs, or lots of wings!
50ml Red Dawg Apache Hot Sauce 
30g Porky White Chick BBQ Rub

Flour mix
500g Plain white flour
2 heavy teaspoons of baking powder
80g Porky White Chick (add Hot & Hostile for more BITE!)

Other things!
Spray Oil
Smoking Wood - we used Hickory here, but any of your fav woods!


1. Get some chicken! We used skin on thighs, boneless thighs, and full bone in thighs. Who knew there were so many kinds of thighs! We found the thighs with the bone carcass attached gave the best results as they have more area for the flour to stick to!

2. Get you some buttermilk (if you can't get any, try mixing natural yoghurt and milk to a smooth consistency), put the liquid into a large bowl or zip-lock bag and add a good amount of hot sauce and some of our Porky White Chick seasoning, we think its pretty close the The Colonels original! Put the chicken pieces into the liquid and make sure they are all covered, let sit over night to soak up the goodness.

3. In a large bowl, add 500g plain flour and 75g Porky White Chick, you can add Hot & Hostile too for extra spicy chicken! Add 2 heaped tea spoons of baking power which helps the chicken go crisper. Mix the dry ingredient well. Here you can add a few tables spoons of the buttermilk marinade to the dry ingredient and mix through to get small lumps of flour that will stick to the chicken and make for epic crispy nuggets. Add the wet chicken to the dry mix a couple of pieces at a time and press down to ensure full flour coverage. Set on a wire rack and allow the buttermilk to soak up the flour mix.Fried Chicken

4. Check the chicken after 30 mins and you'll see wet spots where the flour has been soaked in. Sprinkle some of the flour mix over the wet spots and maximise the flour coverage. Allow to set up and harden in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Letting the chicken coating harden up will stop the pieces getting stuck too much to the grill on the BBQ.

5. Light your BBQ or (ahem..) turn on your oven. Get the BBQ as good and hot as you can. Set the chicken away from the hot coals.

Chicken around Vortex

6. Add a lump of hickory wood or your favourite smoking wood for extra flavour. Add this above the heat source so it smoulders away during the cook. Chicken on, close the lid and watch the temp climb to at least 400F. Check the chicken after 15 mins to see what's happening. Look for the chicken to start to colour. Once the flour has started to harden and cook, spray a little oil onto the surface and close the lid for another 10-15mins. After 30 mins the chicken should be ready to turn. 

BFC Fried Chicken

7. The bottom side may stick a little to the grills, but if you left the pieces to harden up a little it should be minimal. Turn the chicken and spray with oil on the top side. Close the lid and inspect 15 mins later. Your looking for wonderful golden chicken! Probe with a Thermapen to ensure 75C internal temp.

Fried Chicken KFC Style on BBQ